Question: Do you deliver?

Answer: Yes, we deliver within a 30 mile radius of our warehouse for a nominal fee.

Question: Do you sell slot machines with coin hoppers?

Answer: We have coin hoppers in the warehouse, but we remove them from any machine that we sell. They frequently jam and create a lot of service issues.

Question: My slot machine has an error code. What do I do?

Answer: Many times when the display on the door indicates an error condition, simply open and close the door to reset the game and clear the error. When you open the main door, the current game information clears and a “0” appears in the Coins Played window. Closing the door resets the game and the reels will spin and stop in their last valid position. The error code should clear and the digital display returns to normal game play. If the problem still exists or quickly reoccurs, use the reference chart below to address some common error codes on the IGT S+ machines.

IGT S+ Error Codes

Error Code Description Most Common Repair
12 Battery Voltage has dropped below 2.9 V; Replace ASAP due to possible RAM (memory) corruption.
  • Turn power off – Turn power on
  • Open / close door to clear
  • Replace 3.6V Lithium Battery on CPU board
21 Coin In Error
  • Verify that comparitor is seated in all four acceptor clips
  • Verify that acceptor does not have coin(s) jammed
  • Verify that the coin optics is not blocked (below comparitor)
  • Ensure toggle power switch in activated (if installed)
3100 Coin Out Tilt (Hopper)
  • Check for and clear any jammed coins in the coin out channel.
  • Verify that coins are not jammed behind hopper knife
  • Check the coin out optic sensor for blockage or dirty surface
  • Replace hopper coin out optic
3200 Extra Coin Out (Hopper)
  • Verify that the hopper motor brake functions
  • Check the coin wiper/ knife for jams – Adjust if necessary
3300 Hopper Empty
  • This is the most common error that slot machines will have because the cash out button was pushed and the number of coins in the hopper was less than the total credits to be paid out.
  • Open the main door and check the hopper for coin level (the hopper will not dispense all of the coins), refill and close the main door.
  • This may have to be done several times for all of the credits to be paid out.
Reel Tilt
  • Designated reel is misaligned or malfunctioning.
  • Verify reel is not unplugged.
  • If any reel is moving slowly, open door, turn jackpot reset key once, close door after reels stop spinning.
  • Switch connectors from one reel to another, determine if error follows change of connectors. Replace reel assembly if error stays with bad reel.
  • Clear Ram
49 Reel Mechanism Disconnected
  • Verify reels are not unplugged
61 CMOS RAM Error
  • Bad (or cleared) CMOS RAM data
  • Press and hold self test button in for 5 seconds
  • Error code 61-1 should now be displayed
  • Follow 61-1
61-1 Game Data Reset
  • Close door – turn and release reset key once – can take up to 8 seconds for machine to respond
62 Bad Game EPROM
  • Close door – turn and release reset key once – can take up to 8 seconds for machine to respond
62-1 Data EPROM Error
  • Check circuit board – replace Reel EPROM
65-0 Bad EPROM Device
  • Press self test switch for 3 seconds
  • If error will not clear replace EPROM
PROM / Game Data Changed
  • Processor could not read or write to the named chip
  • Press test button for 3 seconds
  • Error code clears from display – Close door
65-3 EPROM / Game Data Changed
  • Close door – turn reset key
  • Error Code 65-1 or 65-2 appears in display
  • Follow 65-1 or 65-2
Game EPROM Changed
  • Turn power off – Turn power on
68 Invalid Data EPR
  • Change to valid Data EPROM